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Dead Paradise 2

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Dead Paradise 2

Dead Paradise 2


Dead Paradise 2 game added on 28 Jan 2014 at Ozov under categories Online, Play Flash to play for free. The game has 575 views as of now. Dead Paradise 2 not rated yet.

The Paradise that we had dreamt about has been destroyed. The city has been looted and captured by raiders. The only chance of survival is evacuation to Zone 51. But the way is dangerous.If you stop you die! C’mon! Let’s get out of here! Up/Down = Forward/Back
Right/Left = Balance
X/Z = Turn gun Forward/Back
Space = Rocket
С – Fuel dumping

Up/Down = Forward/BacknRight/Left = BalancenX/Z = Turn gun Forward/BacknSpace = RocketnС - Fuel dumping