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Fullscreen game added on February 8, 2018 with total plays 50. is a fun and unique .io game that adds an element of fun cartoon inspired gameplay on top of the usual .io mechanics. In this game, you must smash your opponents to pieces with your huge mallet! You must move around the map and collect the various colored gems scattered on the ground - these gems help you grow in size and improve the damage of your mallet. Try to avoid being hit yourself otherwise your size will be decreased and you will eventually be destroyed. Use your mallet to deadly effect and try to eliminate the other players - watch out for the huge smasher as this AI character can stun you and leave you wide open to attack! Have fun smashing today and try out your own smashing skill! Release DateFebruary 2018 DeveloperClown Games made this game, and also other popular .io games, like and Features A fun gameplay that resembles the whack-a-gator and whack-a-mole arcade games Funny expression of the characters and worms The character can smash a really big hammer despite its small size at first You can change color and appearance Collect pieces to grow your size Worms that you can smash to collect pieces PlatformsWeb browser Android Controls Move your mouse to control the character's movement Left click or space bar to smash Right click or W to sprint . Enjoy free games now!
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