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Ski Switch

Ski Switch game added on February 12, 2018 with total plays 50. Ski Switch is a simple but entertaining skiing game – forget about high tech 3D graphics, this title keeps it simple and allows you to ski down a variety of slopes with your 2D skier. You must guide your skier down a series of slopes and try to avoid the many obstacles such as trees and slalom gates. Use your left-click mouse button to alter the path of your ball – you must account for the curve of the skier and be sure to make your turn in plenty of time. Your skier will move depending on which side of the level you click so pay attention and think fast! You can play several different game modes and difficulty levels and you can also purchase upgrades from the store. This skiing game is a fantastic twist on the skiing genre and will keep you entertained for hours! Release DateFebruary 2018 DeveloperAR Games Studio developed Ski Switch. Features A very simple ski game with two different game modes Constantly increasing bonus score if you move next to a tree Best score for each game mode Straightforward game mechanic with easy controls Collectable red flags to customize the ball and tree colors PlatformsSki Switch is a web browser game. It's also available as an Android app. ControlsUse left mouse button to change the direction. . Enjoy free games now!
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