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Crypto Catch

Crypto Catch game added on February 12, 2018 with total plays 50. Crypto Catch is an epic arcade game in which you must catch various different types of cryptocurrencies! You can choose from a myriad of different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum and Dogecoin – select your currency and then start catching the coins! Move your mouse to hover over the coin and click it – as you move your mouse closer the coin will try and evade your clicks and move out of the way. Try to keep up and move your mouse quickly to intercept the coin – during each level you must click the coin a set number of times in order to progress. This fun game tests your reactions and speeds and is fun to play with friends too! Release DateJanuary 2018 DeveloperMartins developed this game. Features A complete catalog of cryptocurrencies with the symbol, including Bitcoin and Dogecoin Quick reaction game to successfully catch the randomly moving cryptocurrency Bonus and penalty points by clicking a certain object 60 second time limit Leaderboard to compete with other players worldwide PlatformWeb browser ControlsLeft click to catch the cryptocurrency. . Enjoy free games now!
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