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Alien Attack (.io)

Alien Attack (.io) game added on February 8, 2018 with total plays 50. Alien is a unique io multiplayer game in which you control an astronaut in a huge spaceship. You can play as either the astronauts or the aliens. If you play as an astronaut, you must search through the spaceship and try to discover all of the hiding aliens - be warned though, the aliens are hiding in your astronaut friends! Find weapons scattered around the ship to protect yourself and to eliminate the aliens once you find them. Alternatively, if you play as an alien, you must hide from the astronauts, but also try and convert the other team to your cause! Move around, be careful and watch out for any approaching enemies! This game is a huge amount of fun and a fantastic break from the traditional type of io games on the market. Start exploring the spaceship today and choose your side! Release DateJanuary 2018 Developer4k0p0 developed this game. Features Plenty of weapons that you can buy with the points The alien's size can grow based on how many astronauts it converts Big spaceship with many areas to hide PlatformWeb browser ControlsUse WASD to move. . Enjoy free games now!
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